MU BS Physics students attend SSP 2019 in Osaka

In 2014, Japan Science and Technology (JST) Agency launched Sakura Science Plan (SSP), a fully-funded exchange program inviting students from Asian countries to further academic ties with other nations and fuel the innovative minds of young students in the field of science and technology.

Two bachelor’s students from the Department of Physics of Mapúa University, namely Katrina R. Bucud (PHMS) and Kyrien Jewel Janeena L. Tabucan (PHMS), were invited to attend SSP 2019 which was hosted by Assist. Prof. Kohei Yamanoi of Osaka University’s Institute of Laser Engineering (ILE) from October 27 to November 16 in Osaka, Japan.  


In the span of 3 weeks, the SSP participants from the Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam were given a tour of ILE’s GEKKO XII laser facility and attended lectures given by Dr. Jacque Lynn F. Gabayno of ILE-MU, Assoc. Prof. Kaewkhao Jakrapong of Pathom Rajabhat University’s Center of Excellence in Glass Technology and Materials Science Nakhon, and Dr. Akira Sasaki of the Kansai Photon Science Institute National Institutes for Quantum and Radiological Science and Technology. Ms. Bucud and Ms. Tabucan were also able to partake in spectroscopy, decay time measurement, and SEM imaging experiments.

Aside from research collaboration, they also experienced Japanese culture firsthand as they visited Nara to appreciate Japan’s natural wonders, Kyoto to witness the traditional and cultural heritage of Japan, and various places of the rich and dynamic city of Osaka.♦