Message for the Department Chair

Welcome to the Mapua University-Department of Physics!

The Department of Physics offers the Bachelor of Science in Physics program to cater to students whose interest lie in the field of theoretical and applied physics.  Double degree programs with Electrical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, and Materials Science and Engineering are also offered for students who would like to apply the knowledge of physics in the field of engineering.  The Department also services other undergraduate programs in the university that requires physics courses in their curricula.

The BS Physics program and its corresponding double degree programs provide students with a comprehensive and rigorous training in physics and engineering as a foundation for careers in pure and applied physics or in interdisciplinary sciences and engineering.  Our programs seek to strengthen further the capability of engineering graduates in solving more complex problems through a deeper and more intense understanding of physics. 

These programs have grown exponentially with the support of diverse and highly competent faculty members in the fields of pure physics, engineering, and physics education. The faculty members together with their students continue to contribute to the pool of knowledge through research in the areas of space physics, data analytics, experimental and theoretical physics.

Equipped with new and relevant state-of-the-art laboratory apparatus and technology, the Department is better enabled to adhere to Outcomes-Based Education as its teaching and learning framework.

I hope that you will visit our site regularly to know the Department’s current and future undertakings in the area of instruction, research, and extension service.

Again, welcome to our website. ♦