Mapua physics students presented interdisciplinary scientific research at the 21st International Vacuum Congress in Malmo, Sweden

Ms. Doebner von C. Tumacder, a faculty member of the Department of Physics, together with her students: Acelle Castillo, Jhoan de Jesus, and Bianca Rae Pasela and collaborators: Ms. Kathrina Lois Taaca and Mr. Rhenish Simon from UP-Diliman and UP-Manila, respectively, presented three research papers in the 21st International Vacuum Congress (IVC-21) held in Malmö, Sweden last July 1-5, 2019.

They presented interdisciplinary materials science and biophysics research done by the students who are majoring in physics with double degree in materials science engineering. Their works investigated the effect of polyaniline (PAni) and lactic acid concentration on the Polyaniline-Chitosan film flexibility by Bianca Rea Pasela; spectroscopy and electrical conductivity of polyaniline-chitosan (PAni-Cs) composites produced via solution casting method by Jhoan de Jesus; and synthesis and characterization of Polyaniline-Chitosan Composite film by Acelle Pearl Castillo.


Their studies are part of the 2-year research project of Ms. Tumacder as project leader and collaborators entitled “Study of Biological Responses of Pani-Chitosan Composite: A Blood Cell –Biomaterial Interaction for Clinical Applications” funded by the CHED DARETO 2017 research grant. This project is headed by Associate Prof. Pulido as the program head with UP-Manila as the lead higher education institution (HEI) and Mapua University, UP Diliman, and Siliman University as the partner HEIs. The attendance and participation of Ms. Tumacder and team to IVC-21 were sponsored by the said project. ♦